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Ovarian Rejuvenation

World premiere treatment to help restore healthy fertility using the body’s own autologous materials. 

There is hope


Stem cells and growth factors, when used together, have the potential to re-ignite ovarian function after organ failure. Where it was once impossible to conceive after ovarian failure, this procedure makes the impossible, possible once more. Women may once again have the potential to have a child using her own eggs.

Inovium Team
Fertility treatment for women
Projected Clinical trial Late spring 2020


Investigating a new Ovarian Rejuvenation therapy using the power of Exosomes.

How Inovium can help you


Stem cell rejuvenation therapy may be right for you if your goal is to have a child biologically

Health Oriented

Ovarian Rejuvenation focus on the health of the ovaries and revitalization of the overall health of the woman and her body

Anti-aging Benefits

Ovarian rejuvenation treatments, as opposed to IVF or hormone replacement therapy, actually turn back the clock on the biological age markers of the female reproductive system.

Push the boundaries of age

As of yet, the oldest woman who has achieved successful conception through ovarian rejuvenation is 58 years old.

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