The Beginning

Inovium was conceived in the summer of 2016, when news of the Greek protocol capable of rejuvenating human ovaries in vivo went viral on the internet. A group of future thinking professionals came together to discuss an idea for a biomedical tourism company that would advance science forward, drawing on cutting edge technologies from around the globe. Several treatments were discussed. 

The group met with the Greek scientists and doctors, and it was decided that they would collaborate to bring PRP injections for ovarian rejuvenation to fruition in the USA. What followed was astonishing. A clinical trial was approved and conducted. Inovium began searching the world for more effective treatments to help infertile women conceive naturally. We plan to pursue all cutting edge therapies that promise to regenerate the whole person and restore function, not only for fertility, but systemically.

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In 1951, invitro fertilization produced the first human embryo. In 1978 the world’s first human IVF baby was born. This was in a way, the first rejuvenative therapy for fertility. Donor eggs from younger women can also be used as a treatment for infertility using IVF, but using one’s own genetic material is always considered optimal.

Since the 1950’s dogma existed that a woman was born with all of the eggs she would ever have. Ovarian rejuvenation from this perspective seems unlikely, but in 2006 that all changed. A researcher by the name of Dr. Jonathan Tilly found oocyte precursor stem cells inside the ovarian lining. Could these precursor cells hold the key to ovarian rejuvenation? In 2012, Jonathan Tilly’s team pub­lished research in which it iden­ti­fied that certain cells in adult human ovaries pro­duce viable new eggs.

The research did not end there however. How could this new information give rise to a treatment that could reverse ovarian failure to a degree? The next revelation was unexpected indeed. A team of Greek scientists were faced with a perplexing case. They had a 40 year old patient who had been in premature ovarian failure for 5 years. With no options available, they contrived one. They knew of Dr. Tilly’s research. They knew of therapy available to promote healing called platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP. What if PRP was sun out of the patient’s own blood using a centrifuge, and those concentrated growth factors were then re-injected into the ovaries to re-ignite the dormant follicle stem cells? To the doctor’s and patient’s surprise, it worked. A new form of treatment was born. The results went viral online in the summer of 2016. Women could finally have hope in having their own biological children after ovarian failure.

Since that time Inovium has managed to get the treatment into clinical trials and the results looked very promising. In 25% of women ovarian function was restored. In the search to get even better results, enriched platelet factors were used at the end of the Phase 1 clinical trial. Again higher rates of returned ovarian function were achieved. We could not stop there however. In June of 2018 a search for an even more effective treatment would take place. In August of 2018 we partnered with a European group who lended stem cell therapy to reseed the ovaries with viable “potential oocytes” and additionally, growth factors were added to make what we believe is the most effective ovarian rejuvenation therapy on earth. Welcome to Inovium.