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In the early 20’th century, one of the biggest breakthroughs in medicine was achieved by the invention of penicillin, the world’s first antibiotic. Antibiotics revolutionised the way we treat infectious disease and have prevented millions of death world-wide. Due to their phenomenal success, they have established the dominant paradigm in medicine: Isolate a disease, and find a small molecule that can be used to treat the disease.

This paradigm works very well in infectious disease, but has shown to be ineffective in treating the diseases of old age, like infertility, alzheimer’s or heart failure. This is because these diseases are not actual infections but systemic dysfunction of the bodily functions caused by accumulation of damage over time as a side effect of the metabolism of life, which is what we call ageing.

Regenerative medicine acknowledges the dysfunction of ageing is not a single disease, but a multi-systemic degradation of natural bodily function that leads to pathology when a certain threshold of damage is reached. It does not attempt to tackle separate symptoms of ageing as specific diseases that can be treated by introducing a single pharmacon like can be done with infectious disease. In stead, regenerative medicine looks at the underlying degradation of function and seeks to restore natural, youthful body function through cutting-edge technologies like stem cell therapies and gene therapies. At Inovium it is our goal to harness the power of the body’s own repair mechanisms and restore health and youthful function.

Ageing is the accumulation of damage or degredation within an organism. As ageing progresses, all organs are affected, including the ovaries. The menopause and resulting infertility are a direct result of this. Ovarian rejuvenation refers to a set of breakthrough treatments within the biomedical sciences, specifically regenerative medicine, aimed at reversing the biological clock. Ovarian rejuvenation treatments, as opposed to IVF or hormone replacement therapy, actually turn back the clock on the biological age markers of the female reproductive system.

If you have been to many reproductive endocrinologists you may have tried the traditional methods for treating infertility like, HCG, Clomid, Letrozol, IVF and more. If they have all failed and your goal is to have a child biologically, stem cell rejuvenation therapy may be right for you. Since these therapies focus on the health of the ovaries and revitalization of the overall health of the woman and her body, which not only raise the chances of successful conception, but also help prepare the body to be in optimal health carry a child.

Definitively! The stem cell/PRP treatment has shown to have many positive side effects, including the reversal of menopause-related discomfort, restoring youthful hormone levels and may even contribute to higher longevity in women. Infertility is only one of the side effects of menopause and modern, revolutionary stem cell treatments made available by Inovium combat the entire issue at the source.

As of yet, the oldest woman who has achieved successful conception through ovarian rejuvenation is 58 years old.

The average patient stay is 5 days. Part of your stay may be spent with our local hospitality partners. You don’t need to plan anything for this, we assure your comfort and transport from A to Z while offering you maximum value through our partners.

If ovarian failure is already present, you can expect to wait between three and six months after the treatment is applied for restoration of ovarian function. If no ovarian failure is present but you simply want ovarian rejuvenation to a more youthful state, you can expect results immediately.

This is dependent on a multitude of factors such as age, overall health and therapies used along with stem cell/growth factor treatments. These treatments have shown to have far higher success rates than IVF alone. Inovium-affiliated treatments also can be applied to women where IVF no longer has no meaningful chance of success.

IVF is not required. The Inovium ovarian rejuvenation treatment is intended to restore natural ovarian function. However, since the restoration grants a temporal window of fertility, IVF may be used as a supplemental therapy to maximise your chances of conception.

Currently, our main clinical affiliates are located in Malta and Serbia. In addition, we have alternative treatments on offer for women who do not meet the biomarker requirements for our flagship treatment which can be offered in the US. We are currently working on a program to train and license US based physicians and complete the approval procedure for our flagship treatment for US-based clinics.

At Inovium Labs, we pride ourself on making the most cutting-edge treatments in the world available to the patients that need them. Many of our affiliate’s treatments simply are not available in the US yet for various reasons. Some of these include:

–We are committed to the highest possible treatment quality, patient experience and health outcomes. We believe clinical standards and physician training in other countries for these treatments may be superior to what US-based clinics currently have to offer.

–Some new treatments have not been developed in the US. This means the expertise on how to perform them is as of yet not present in the US, in which case we are working to bring the expertise to the country. This process can take a lot of time. To ensure accessibility to the treatments in the meantime we work with offshore clinics.

-Treatments may not yet be licensed for use to US-based physicians by the experts who developed them, making it legally impossible for them to be offered. Our corporate & legal team is working around the clock guiding developers and physicians through the process of to make sure treatments become available locally for anyone in need of them.

We expect the first our first US-based physicians to be trained and licensed by summer, 2019.

Treatments start at $4500. More comprehensive treatments is $17,000. Make sure to ask about our hospitality service bundles to get maximum value in regards to your stay abroad. No cash? No problem. Make sure to inform about our value finance options, helping you get the treatment you need today – and pay later.